WizSmart Earth Friendly Dog Pads, 30 Pads

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Product Overview

Environmentally Friendly Dog Pee Pads
24-Hour Solution - 1 Pad a Day is All you Need
Great for all dogs - 22.5 x 22 inch pad available in 30 count packages or 120 count packages.
-ABSORBANCY- These thick, fluffy pads each hold 8+ cups of liquid! Sealed edges prevent leaks. 1 Pee pad a day is all you need!
-ODOR CONTROL- Urine is absorbed fast and dries quickly, trapping & eliminating any unpleasant smells and preventing wet paws from tracking around the house.
-STAY PUT TABS- Our 4 patented “Stay Put Tabs” allow you to secure the pad to the floor or wall. No more pads being shredded or dragged around by your dog! The adhesive tabs also allow you to attach the pad to the wall – a solution for the male dog peeing stance.
-FRAGRANCE- WizSmart pads do not contain fragrances or added chemicals. They are UNSCENTED. They contain a pet safe attractant which humans cannot smell.
-PET TYPE- Great for small to medium dogs! Can be used for other pets like cats or small animals as well.
-MANUFACTURED- Made in our own factory in Brazil
-SIZE- 23.5 Inch x 22 Inch pad
-MATERIALS- Eco Friendly Packaging & Materials include - upcycled, unused baby diapers that didn’t quite meet factory standards, sustainable bioplastic from sugar cane, & natural fibers like EucaFluff.


At WizSmart, we take pride in being a green company that designs environmentally friendly dog pee pads. We love our dogs and we love our planet, so we created training pads that keep both safe. Our Earth-Friendly Ultra pads are made from bioplastic produced with sugar cane, and upcycled, unused baby diapers which means they can hold up to eight cups of liquid. Additionally, WizSmart puppy training pads will quickly absorb urine and trap any unwanted odor. Our products have four adhesive tabs to guarantee the pads stay securely attached to the floor and/or wall. Your dogs will love the thick and fluffy pad that feels soft under their paws. WizSmart’s eco-friendly pee pads are designed to be inclusive of all dogs- small dogs with small bladders, senior dogs who tend to have a lot of accidents in the house, puppies who are still potty training, and city dogs who live in apartments. Browse our website for more information about our environmentally friendly dog pee pads.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review