Wigzi Nylon Reflective Waterproof Dog Collar

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$6.49 - $8.49
0.20 LBS

Product Overview

The Wigzi Waterproof Dog Collar is ideal for adventure-seeking pups who won’t let anything get in their way when it comes to exploring—including a body of water. The ultra-lightweight, patented design is waterproof and stink-proof and even has a reflective strip running down the center to keep your pal visible while he’s doing the doggy-paddle or going for a low-lit walk. And since it’s completely waterproof, you can easily remove dirt and debris by hand-washing it with soap and water. This Wigzi adjustable collar comes in a variety of vibrant neon colors, so you can choose your favorite to make your pal stand out! 

Key Benefits

  • Waterproof and stink-proof, so your pet can play in the pool, beach, lake or snow—with no lingering odor.
  • Adjustable collar features a reflective strip, so everyone will notice your pal walking and swimming in style.
  • Great for dogs of all hair types who like to spend time exploring the great outdoors with their pet parents. 
  • Durable yet lightweight design is built to last through tough conditions while keeping your pup comfortable throughout the day.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review